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Simplified Debt Recovery Begins Here

If you’re just starting on your debt recovery journey, you may have many questions. Below, you’ll find answers to many frequently asked questions(FAQs), but if you need assistance or don’t see your question listed, contact us today.

TSI – the engine behind Rocket Receivables and a multi-dimensional, full-service collection agency – is a leader in the accounts receivable management industry. Since 1970, TSI has provided progressive cash flow solutions to small-to-large size businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare, banking, commercial, financial services, education, and more. TSI is also the recognized compliance leader in these same, highly-regulated industries. Visit About Us to learn more.

Rocket Receivables, powered by TSI, operates in all 50 states and the US Territories.

Yes, Rocket Receivables Stage 2 is a contingency collections service. See how it works.

Rocket Receivables Stage 1 is a fixed-fee debt collections model; you pay up-front for the cost of the written demand series and keep 100% of the collected amount. Stage 2 is a contingency collection model designed for accounts delinquent more than 120 days; there are no up-front costs to you, and you keep 50% of the collected amount. See additional product features.

For accounts delinquent more than 120 days, you can skip Stage 1 (Fixed-Fee Collections) and proceed right to Stage 2 (Contingency Collections). There is no additional fee for moving to this stage. See additional product features.

Yes, Stage One: Fixed Fee Collection accounts expire 12 months after the Purchase Date as stated in the Terms and Conditions..

Stage 1 is a fixed-fee service with price dependent on the number of accounts. Explore our Pricing & Guarantee.

Stage 2 is a contingency based service that is billed ONLY if we are able to collect on the account. Once we have recovered the delinquent amount, we will charge 50% of the recovered amount.

Rocket Receivables Stage 1 Fixed-Fee Collections includes up to four written demands with postage, as well as a screening through the National Change of Address (“NCOA”) Database. Once payment is received, we will also send a “Thank You” letter to your customer at no extra charge. See what’s included in the package by visiting Features.

Yes, Rocket Receivables pricing includes postage for each letter. Postage on the return envelope is not provided. Learn more about our Pricing & Guarantee.

Payments can be made online when purchasing Rocket Receivables Stage 1: Fixed-Fee Collections. We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Stage 2 Contingency Collections are only billed if we are able to recover the amount owed. Once the payment comes in, we will charge 50% of the recovered amount. Learn more about our Pricing & Guarantee.

If a debtor does not respond to Stage 1: Fixed-Fee Collections, you will have the option to move that debtor into Stage 2: Contingency Collections. Stage 2 will provide more options that explain the critical need to resolve the account. This includes third-party collections letters, phone calls, and legal action where applicable and where approved by counsel. Visit our Features page to learn more.

No, there are never any minimums or membership fees with the Rocket Receivables Fixed-Fee Collections (Stage 1) or Contingency Collections (Stage 2). Learn more about our Pricing & Guarantee.

For clients who purchase Rocket Receivables Stage 1: Fixed-Fee Collections, we guarantee that you’ll collect double the amount of money you pay for the service. This means you have nothing to lose. View the terms and conditions of our Guarantee.

Your Rocket Receivables Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (Central) to assist you with technical issues you may encounter, such as trouble submitting accounts or logging in. Visit our Contact page to reach out to us.

Yes. Contact information for our Consumer Help line can be found on the Rocket Receivables Contact page.

As a recognized leader in highly regulated industries like healthcare, education, and banking, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your customers, your business, and your brand are protected.

Because of our client base and experience, Rocket Receivables maintains heightened security protocols for the information of our clients and the confidentiality of private consumer and business information shared with us. We support secure, encrypted transactions via our Client Portal website. Our Data Security is on the leading edge in our industry, and our Company culture is one of high-principles, optimal operations, and ethical practices. You have the ability to maximize the return on your investment by taking advantage of our corporate investments in human capital and technology. Learn more about our Compliance expertise.

Rest assured, we take data security very seriously. Rocket Receivables is powered by TSI, so our Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) is built to safeguard your data – and your customers’ data – from malicious hackers, while tying all security controls into a single system that is monitored, managed, reviewed, and constantly improved through automation. See just how seriously we take Data Security.

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