Contingency Collections for Your Business

For accounts that are 120 past due, or more for more deliberate debtors, we recommend our Stage Two contingency collection services. Think of Stage Two as your more traditional collections approach where collectors call your accounts and your fees are contingency-based. Contingency collection simply means you only pay a pre-determined percentage of what’s collected. In turn, if we can’t collect, you don’t pay a thing.

Stage Two uses a proven combination of calls and negotiation strategies from our experienced collectors, written demands, and legal action – where appropriate and approved by counsel – to collect on your past due accounts. Our skip tracing process can track down even the most elusive of debtors. In addition, our automated compliance controls help maintain your customer relationships and help protect your brand.

And if you have any unresolved accounts from our Stage One fixed-fee collection services, we’ll automatically transfer them to Stage Two for you at no additional fee.  Once the payment comes in, we’ll split the recovered funds with you 50/50.

Stage Two: Credit Collection Service

Stage Two Deliverables: Everything You Need for Successful Debt Collection

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