Credit Collection Services for Your Business

Rocket Receivables is the easy-to-use debt collection service designed to boost your receivables. With two unique stages, we can tailor your debt collection strategy and maximize your recoveries. Both stages use a diplomatic approach, maintaining your important customer relationships, while protecting your brand.

Stage One is built for early intervention on your slow paying accounts that are typically less than 120 past due. For accounts that are older, or have proven to be more difficult to collect, Stage Two is for you. And with Rocket Receivables, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs in either Stage. Take full advantage of our robust debt collection solutions without fear of extra fees.

Stop chasing past due customers and get back to growing your business with Rocket Receivables.

What stage of credit collection service is right for you?

Stage One: Fixed Fee Collection

Rocket’s Stage One credit collection service is a diplomatic and fixed-fee solution that keeps you in the driver’s seat. Our early intervention collection service works by sending a first-party reminder (in your name), and 3rd party demands (in ours), encouraging your debtor to resolve their past due account. Stage One is typically used for accounts less than 120 days past due.

Stage Two: Contingency Collection

For more difficult to collect accounts, or accounts older than 120 days, Stage Two’s professional collectors take a more traditional credit collection services approach by combining written demands, calls, negotiation, and legal action where appropriate and approved by the council.

Any accounts that remain unresolved after they move through our Stage One are automatically transferred to Stage Two for your convenience. This is a contingency-fee collection service where you only pay a percentage of what we’re able to collect and has no upfront fees.

Stage One: Fixed-Fee Collection


Stage Two: Contingency Collection

Stage One: Fixed-Fee Collections


Stage Two: Contingency Collections


Stage One offers upfront, fixed-fee pricing with no hidden fees!


Stage Two offers contingency pricing – that means you only pay us a percentage of what we’re able to collect for you, and if we don’t collect, you don’t pay a dime!

Age of Debt:

Stage One is typically most successful for accounts that are in the early stages of delinquency – around 120 days or less.


Stage Two generally works best for accounts that need extra attention and are over 120 days late.

Debt Collection Tactics:

Stage One works by sending 1 first-party reminder, followed by 3 third-party demands to your past due accounts. We also offer a Rocket Booster to our Stage One Credit Collection Services, which adds the additional touch point of a phone call.


Stage Two uses a combination of calls, written demands, negotiation, and legal action – where appropriate and approved by council – to collect on your past due accounts.

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