Fixed-Fee Collections for Your Business

Early intervention is crucial to collecting the most for you. For accounts that are less than 120 days past due, Rocket Receivables’ Stage One debt collection service is the best option for you. And with our fixed-fee pricing, you pay upfront, per account pricing with absolutely no hidden fees, and keep 100% of what is collected.

Stage One uses diplomatic demand letters in both your name (first-party collections) and ours (third-party collections) to serve as an effective reminder of payments owed. Once the account is paid, we send out a complimentary “Thank You” letter on your behalf.

Best yet, you’re in complete control with 24/7 access to all of your placed accounts and reporting. YOU decide when to start, stop, or suspend collections, approve partial payments, or reduce balances owed. But you’re not in this alone. Visit our Training Library or access our Support Center for any questions you have along the way. Our robust Stage One debt collection service has everything you need to be successful in your small business debt collection efforts. We’re so sure of it, we even guarantee it.

Stage One: Fixed-Fee Collection

Stage One Deliverables: Everything You Need for Successful Debt Collection

If you have challenging to collect accounts, or accounts that are more than 120 days past due,
learn more about Rocket’s Stage Two debt collection services.

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