Manufacturing and wholesaling have always been competitive fields. Today, there are an estimated 300,000 firms across the U.S. generating close to $4 trillion annually.

In addition to keeping up with supply and demand, shifting with market variances, and struggling with logistics, small manufacturers and suppliers of goods are experiencing challenges brought on by the fourth industrial revolution. While bigger manufacturers can afford to leverage some of the exciting technological breakthroughs to help them work smarter, smaller companies may struggle to compete in the new world of package sensors, predictive analytics, and enterprise resource planning platforms.

The last thing you need to worry about is past due accounts receivables.

How Rocket Receivables Helps Manufacturing and Wholesale Companies

In today’s competitive markets, goods must push to market faster. Brand and price controls are driven by better customer data and increased profit driven by new technologies. Standing alongside technology and new vendor partnerships are professional debt collection companies. Rocket Receivables, a service solutions provider, was designed to give manufacturing and wholesale companies the technology boost they need to lessen risk and increase profitability.

Our low-cost online service can take the busywork out of collections, allowing companies to focus on what they do best – delivering products to market. 

Rocket Receivables offers full-service debt collections to handle accounts receivables for in the manufacturing sector.

Skip Write-Offs by Partnering with Rocket Receivables

If you’re working in manufacturing or wholesaling, consider the industry leader in debt collections. We offer:

  • Fixed fee collections for early stage past due accounts. These are typically past due from one to 120-days. This is an affordable way to professionalize pursuit of your past due payments. There are no sign-up fees or hidden costs.
  • Contingency collections for the more heavily past-due accounts over 120-days late. If we collect on these more difficult accounts, the Rocket Receivables experts receive a portion of the funds collected. There are no initial out-of-pocket costs for this service.

Benefits of Rocket Receivables for Manufacturing and Wholesaling

The manufacturing sector often has tight margins that fluctuate with supply and demand trends in the marketplace. This can create difficulties in cash flow in an up and down rollercoaster that can inhibit liquidity and increase risk. Rocket Receivables was designed to help eliminate these market fluctuations in your business by decreasing days in A/R. Improving your collections ratio means your business will have more cash on hand to respond to price increases in raw goods or other market variances that can negatively affect your bottom line.

Some of the concrete benefits of Rocket Receivables for wholesalers and manufacturers include:

  • The convenience of web-based access to conduct debt collections on your terms.
  • Easy online dashboards that can quickly summarize your debt collections success.
  • A full turnkey system from remand letters to attorney consults.

Our service is guaranteed to work for your company. The guarantee states that you will make double the money you have invested in our service. Period.

Rocket Receivables was created as an efficient way for manufacturing and wholesalers to pursue past due accounts in a fully-compliant and professional way that is also convenient and effective. Click here to buy now.