Healthcare is growing increasingly challenging. As the cost of providing care increases, providers are searching for new ways to improve accounts receivables through medical collections.

Today, the baby boomer population is aging, putting increasing pressure on our healthcare systems and medical practices to do more with less. But these aren’t the only challenges.

  • High deductible health insurance premiums will require most hospital systems and practices to wait longer for reimbursement as patients struggle with past due balances.
  • Patient medical debt is skyrocketing, with a corresponding negative effect on revenue cycle for most providers working today.

The pressure is on in the current climate of declining reimbursement and increasing regulation.

Fortunately for the American healthcare system, there is Rocket Receivables.

Hospitals, medical practices, and ancillary providers all turn to Rocket Receivables to improve their revenue cycle. We know that healthcare debt collection is unlike any other market sector, but we respond with a proven methodology that yields a high ROI quickly while still maintaining a relationship with the people you’re trying to treat.

What Sort of Medical Collection does Rocket Receivables Do?

Our efforts to help you capture more revenue while still maintaining goodwill in the community are a crucial part of the clinical revenue cycle for healthcare providers of all sizes and specialty areas. Whether you’re an independent orthopedist in a Topeka practice or part of a large multi-state health system, Rocket Receivables has an answer to your past due AR. We have a proven system that works on any specialty in any market. Even better, our process is guaranteed to succeed* and we offer affordable fixed-fee pricing suitable for any size practice.

Don’t Write Off Revenue, Contact Rocket Receivables

As the price of treatment escalates, insurers are more likely to offset costs by raising already high deductibles. You can imagine the correlation to your bottom line. That’s precisely why Rocket Receivables offers a two-stage process designed for:

  • Early stage fixed-fee collections from one to 120-days past due.
  • Later stage contingency collections to capture revenue from the more difficult accounts past the 120-day mark.

For the more difficult, later-state collections processes, we use analytics to determine the patients that will be most likely to pay with the least effort by medical bill collections. Our service offers:

No hidden costs, set-up fees, or minimums.

An easy-to-navigate self-service online portal for managing the accounts you’ve submitted.

Industry-leading compliance with HIPAA, TCPA, FDCPA, and other regulations.

As healthcare debt continues to rise for the average American consumer, don’t you owe it to your practice to reach out to a proven medical collection firm to improve your revenue cycle?

The Rocket Receivables Guarantee

For Stage One medical bill collection, Rocket Receivables guarantees that you’ll double your investment* in medical collections.

Healthcare providers must find new ways to improve their bottom line in this time of decreasing reimbursement and increasing patient debt. In this climate, new workflows are essential to improve your accounts receivables. Start with Rocket Receivables for medical bill collection today.

*Terms and Conditions Apply


Feel confident in your decision.

  • Our solution is entirely web-based and self-service, making it fast, easy, and cost-effective for our healthcare debt collection clients
  • You stay in control with 24/7 online access and reporting
  • Guaranteed to work for you*