We are in the debt of pest control specialists everywhere. These companies keep our homes and businesses free of the pests that spread disease in the human population. But unfortunately, these busy professionals have another type of debt plaquing their businesses – past due debt from their clients.

Pest Control Industry Outlook

The pest control industry is expected to grow by six percent by 2022. This is due, in part, to the increase in adverse weather events that drive rodents and bugs inside, increasing the need for pest control services.

But industry trend analysts say that the pest extermination industry is vulnerable to economic downturns. Consumers will cut these services when the economy crashes, which makes past due billing and collections an increasingly important part of best business practices for pest control companies.

Most pest control companies are small players in a big market, and a large share of these firms rely on repeat customers for a significant portion of their revenues. That makes pursuing past due accounts receivables even more touch and go; how can these companies carefully negotiate payment while being careful not to poison their brand image?

The answer is Rocket Receivables.

Experienced in Debt Collection for Pest Control Companies

It’s easy to take pest control companies for granted. But look at the important service they provide by:

  • Protecting people from the spread of disease.
  • Protecting our nation’s food supply.
  • Protecting homes and businesses from structural damage.

While these companies provide an important service to support public health, it’s a service that is typically out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, that might make it easier for customers to walk away from their obligation to pay. Fortunately, Rocket Receivables has a proven process for pursuing past due A/R.

Protecting the Protectors — Experienced Debt Collection

Rocket Receivables was designed for the hardworking pest control business owner who simply doesn’t have the staffing available to pursue past due A/R. Our convenient web-based solution allows for a low fixed-fee collection service that is easy to control 24/7 from a simple dashboard. From collection letters to collection negotiation, our service takes care of past due clients in a way that is fully compliant and professional, being careful not to damage the marketplace reputation of your business. We’re so confident our services will help your company, we offer a money-back guarantee that states you will double the money you invest in on first-stage debt collections process. Also, we have no hidden fees and the option both for fixed and contingency fee collections. Both are highly effective and proven to help the pest control industry retrieve what is owed to their companies. Our service offers:

Rocket Receivables is the experienced debt collections service for the pest control specialist.

Together, pest control companies and Rocket Receivables have the solution for what’s bugging you.

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