Physical exercise is great for the body and mind, and fitness centers play an important role in helping people become more physically active. That said, fitness businesses need steady cash flow to remain in operation.

Unfortunately, not all fitness-centered businesses manage to achieve this. There are centers all across the country that have members failing to make their monthly payments. This can put these businesses in a bind as they need money to keep operating but also need to retain positive working relationships with their members.

Fortunately, Rocket Receivables has a robust and easy-to-use debt recovery solution that can help fitness centers handle these types of situations. Here’s how.

Effectively Managing Receivables

Running a fitness center requires a lot of work; scheduling classes, maintaining relationships, and handling equipment are just some of the day-to-day necessities that fitness businesses undertake. Effectively managing receivables is like adding another full-time job to this list.

This is where Rocket Receivables steps in and does the heavy lifting by providing a tried and trusted web-based and self-service debt recovery solution. As this is a competitive industry with high volume and large sales, it’s important that healthy cash flow is preserved to prevent fitness centers from falling behind to their competitors.

Fitness center employees often forge special relationships and bonds with their members whether it’s a class instructor, yoga teacher, or personal trainer. Chasing a client for missed payments can be tricky as it can undo the positive work put in on building these relationships.

Rocket Receivables always has its members’ branding in mind and works to keep relationships intact while also resolving any outstanding debt. Using a diplomatic approach when communicating with debtors helps fitness centers maintain healthy relationships and a positive reputation.

In addition to maintaining relationships, Rocket Receivables provides a debt recovery solution that operates in full compliance with federal and state rules and regulations. There is quite a lot involved in this; if you’re not familiar with debt recovery legislation, take a look for yourself.  We also provide our members with 24/7 online access and reporting, allowing them to stay in complete control of their accounts.

Rocket Receivables Knows Fitness-Centered Business 

When it comes to helping fitness centers overcome debt recovery challenges, Rocket Receivables knows how to get the job done. By allowing Rocket Receivables to take care of your debt recovery, you are allowing your business to focus on its core objective: the health and wellbeing of your members.

Fitness centers often build up special and unique relationships with their members and they don’t want to jeopardize this good work when a member is past due on an account. Thankfully, Rocket Receivables provides an economical service that can take care of past due accounts for fitness centers.

This efficient service provides small to medium size businesses effective debt recovery tools that are also used by large companies. Rocket Receivables specializes in health and wellness and as a result, we have a robust service designed to help fitness centers effectively deal with debt recovery.

Debt recovery with Rocket Receivables is a web-based self-service process designed to help fitness centers maintain their cash flow. To get set up, simply buy now and let us help you get you what you’re owed.