Every healthcare organization can have its challenges when it comes to collecting money owed. Chiropractic care is no exception; with co-pays, insurance, what is covered, and what is not. The challenge of getting paid is real. This challenge becomes more complex as more people are visiting chiropractors to get relief from pain stemming from the spine, hips, and neck.

Most chiropractic offices are small; often the chiropractor themselves are also the one who runs the office, sometimes with the help of an office manager. It can be difficult to get everything done, and when past due accounts start to pile up, it can be overwhelming. Debt can begin with something as simple as a regular client coming in and her flex benefits card isn’t working that day. Sure, it’s fine to pay next time, but that can easily get overlooked, and those small payments can add up.

Collecting debt can be tedious, and you’ve got other matters to handle. Unless your office manager is well versed in debt collection, it can be challenging to ensure you’re following all of the rules and regulations. Perhaps it’s time to call in a debt collection professional. But how do you find a reputable, professional one who will get the job done?

What to look for in a debt collection agency

Just like you need to match your patient’s needs, a debt collection agency needs to match your needs.

  • Look for someone with medical debt collection experience, especially in the chiropractic field. Rocket Receivables works with any size healthcare provider and works to ensure the goodwill is continued between you and the client. The professionals at Rocket Receivables understand the delicate nature of chiropractic care.
  • Make sure the agency is well versed in legal components and is in compliance with HIPAA, TCPA, FDCPA, and other regulations. An agency may need to be licensed in the states where your patients live and where you practice.
  • Debt collection agencies should be upfront with costs without any hidden surprises. Rocket Receivables offers a two-stage process designed for early stage collections as well as later stage contingency collections with clear pricing.
  • The New York State Chiropractic Association also recommends looking for a debt collection agency with data security and strict privacy measures, certifications, and even 24-hour online access and support.

Running a business can be very rewarding, but it’s not always easy. As a chiropractor, you spend your time helping your patients and making them feel better. You don’t want to have to track them down for money. But you need to get paid in order to keep your practice running.

When debt is piling up and you have done what you can to collect it, turn to a debt collection agency like Rocket Receivables. Let someone else handle this aspect of your business so you can focus on helping people feel better. Debt can pile up before you know it; Rocket Receivables can help you stay on top of it and get what is owed to you. Interested in trying it out? Click to buy now.